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Can't find the words?
Not anymore. 

Whether you’re plugging your business, waiting to meet someone new, or telling coworkers to leave you alone… 

Just say no to “awkward”—and let Your Personal Billboard do the talking. Use your words.


Freelancers & Side Hustlers

Meet new clients, promote your services, or draw attention to your business in a public space (without getting arrested!).

Busy Professionals

Tell colleagues where the meeting is. Let them know you're working, or beg them not to spoil last night's season finale. 

Tinder & Bumble Users

Skip "I'm wearing a red hat" and let your date know exactly where you are. Or hey, pretend you're someone else (we don't judge). 

Who needs a personal billboard?
You do!

Express yourself!

Want to let people know what you do - without intruding or sounding like a shameless huckster?

Need a photographer, dog walker, or Spanish teacher? What about a mime? (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

Help your date find you in a busy coffee shop!

Tell the party that no, you don't take requests!

Or post a quote to inspire everyone in your coworking space... to stay OUT of your space!

Any time you can't get loud... you don't want to bring it up...or you just don't know what to say...

Count on Your Personal Billboard to take care of everything


Promote your business wherever you sit down to work

share rules, policies, helpful info, or public announcements

ask for services you need, or people you want to meet.

make first time meetings super smoooooth like butta

brainstorm on the go, by yourself or with a colleague.

These Beautiful People Already Have Their Personal Billboards — And They Want You To Get Yours


My billboard let me keep my team up to date on what was happening with a major event, and I could change it at the drop of a hat!


I have to meet with a lot of new folks & this makes connecting easy. It's also simple to communicate at our monthly member meetings!


I can't walk up to strangers and offer my services but I can invite them to approach me with a friendly note on my personal billboard!

About Us

We’re Sara and Tracy. 

We used to spend every Wednesday at a coffee shop, working on our side hustles. 

And by “working,” we mean staring at the same people every week… Wondering why they were there—and what they did for a living. 

Until one day, someone braver than us said, “Why are you here—and what do you do for a living?” What a coincidence.

That’s when we thought “Wouldn't it be cool if we could have jumped right past all that awkward lurking and ogling… And gone right into ‘Nice to meet you?’”

And Your Personal Billboard was born!